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Planetary Mixer

30L Battery Slurry Planetary Vacuum Mixer

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Product Details

30L Battery Slurry Planetary Vacuum Mixer


Mixer specifications

1-1 Product name and specification

A. Planetary dispersion vacuum mixer

B. ModelTMAX-DMS30L(4kw/2P-3kw/4P)


1-2 Basic structure

A. Hydraulic lifting vessel type;

B. 6-axis revolution direct material temperature measurement mode (the only way to accurately control the temperature);

C. Double dispersion axis + double mixing axis + single scraping wall + single temperature measurement - (6 axis)




1-3 Mixing vessel

A. DimensionsDia. 340mm×330mm

B. Design volume: 30L;

C. Effective volume: 25L.

A. Liner material: SUS304;

B. After turning the inner liner wall, the mirror surface is polished to ensure good roundness;

C. The upper flange plane of the mixing barrel and the upper barrel body are sealed by a sealing ring;

D. There is one G1 "(DN25) discharge valve at the bottom of the barrel.

E. The jacket with reinforced guide plate (G1 / 2 "inlet / outlet interface) can cool or heat the processed material with cold water (oil) or hot water (steam or hot oil).

1-4 Upper vessel

(kettle cover)

A. Material: SUS304;

B. One Φ 70 powder hopper, which can be switched on and off quickly; one spotlight; with two small windows (one spotlight port and one observation hole), one vacuum pressure gauge, and other necessary connecting pipes (vacuum / vent / standby).

1-5 Mixing principle

Single agitated pulp and a plurality of serrated dispersing discs installed on the high-speed dispersing shaft are used for both rotation and revolution; at the same time, combined with the low clearance design of the agitating pulp, there is no dead angle, and the strong kneading interference motion and up-down / left-right circulation motion of the low-speed agitating paddle, as well as the high-speed shearing and scattering function of the dispersing disc, to ensure that the materials are fully dispersed, mixed and not deposited.


Revolution/mixing motor, frequency converter and reducer

A. Quantity: one;

B. Motor power: 3kw / 4P;

C. With 3KW frequency converter matched with motor;

D. Equipped with cycloid pinwheel reducer BL2, the reduction ratio is about I = 29, and the service factor FA = 1.0.

1-6-2 Planetary

revolution speed

Speed0~50 rpmadjustable


1-6-3 Wall scraper

Quantity: 1 group;

Scraping material: SUS304 and Teflon;

Same as the revolution speed.

1-7-1 Mixing blade /

mixing speed

Speed0~70rpm, adjustable

1-7-2 Mixing blade

A. Material: SUS304;

B. Quantity: 2 (groups);

1-7-3 Selection of

mixing blade

A. Standard: "spiral twist";

1-8-1 Distributed motor and frequency


A. Quantity: one;

B. Motor power: 4kw / 2p;

C. With 4kw frequency converter matching with motor.

1-8-2 Dispersion speed(rotation)

A. Speed: 0 ~ 3800 rpm, adjustable;

B. Linear speed: 0 ~ 12m / S;


1-8-3 Dispersion axis and disc

A. Material: SUS304;

B. Diameter of dispersion disk: Φ 80mm;

C. One, a dispersing disk is installed on the dispersing shaft to ensure better dispersion / mixing.

1-9 Lifting (mixing barrel)

A. Hydraulic lifting

B. Lifting height:  380.




1-10 Vacuum system

A. The mixing and dispersion process can be carried out under vacuum

condition; vacuum degree: - 0.1MPa

C. Vacuum pump 2X-4, 0.55kw/4P motor

(prepared by customer)

C. With vacuum surge tank and switch.

D. Dynamic seal: mechanical seal; static seal: O-ring seal.

E. Keep the pressure for 24 hours, and do not leak oil into the mixing tank or under the condition of keeping the pressure. (this machine can keep the air tight, if there is such a requirement, special instructions can be provided).

1-11 Positioning system

A. With positioning adjustment device and locking device, it can accurately position the mixing barrel and upper can body, and prevent rotation.

B. The positioning stop of the lower flange of the upper can body is precisely

matched with the mixing barrel to ensure that the position of the mixing barrel is reasonable and the positioning is accurate.

1-12 Distribution cabinet

The function display and operation of vacuum device, frequency conversion speed regulation, temperature display (control), spotlight, lifting, operation emergency stop, etc. in the operation of the equipment are carried out on the power distribution cabinet.

Note: mixing and dispersion has timing function.






1-13 Safe operation

A. Depending on the frequency converter and limit travel switch, through the specially designed control route, the can body can automatically stop when it reaches the specified position.

B. In the process of can body rising, the mixing / dispersing part of the equipment cannot be started; similarly, when the machine is running the mixture, the can body cannot be lowered and the mixing bucket cannot be


C. The special design of vacuum buffer tank can effectively prevent the

return of vacuum pump oil to the mixing drum.

D. A door bolt type buckle is arranged on the kettle cover and the mixing

barrel to prevent the mixing barrel from falling automatically.

1-14 Temperature measurement method

Measure the material temperature: 0-300 , the temperature probe moves with revolution, and directly contacts the material

1-15 Worktable

Stainless steel laboratory working platform

1-16 Total host power


1-17 Working voltage /



Control voltage: 220V.


2. Slurry discharge machine( positive pressure extrusion) - YLJ-30L(1.5kw/4P) 

1. Structural form

The frame is single cantilever type.

2. Lifting mode

The frame is fixed on the workbench.

3. Pressing


Use the hydraulic cylinder to drive the press plate to press the material.

4.Drive part of

pressing plate

Double acting oil cylinder: Φ63/D32×S250FA;

Quantity: one (set).

5. Press plate

The nominal size is Φ 240, matching with the mixing drum; the plate is

equipped with an exhaust port.

6. Locking mode of

mixing drum

Mechanical locking.

7. Discharge





9. Basic technical indicators

9-1. Motor power of oil station

9-2 Pressure per unit area of pressing plate

9-3. Oil pump flow and maximum output




Plunger: 1.6L/min—21MPa/max.

9-4. Maximum press


9-5 Rated system pressure

9-6 Oil cooling area

3.3 tons


Air natural cooling

10-1 Consumable parts

A. "O" seal ring: Φ340×Φ10;

B. Material: fluororubber;

C. Quantity: 1 spare.

10-2 use of

wearing parts

Sealing groove at pressing plate.

11. Transfer mode

of mixing drum

Standard selection: guide rail type transfer mixing drum is transferred

between the main machine and the press.

12. Notes

Share the power distribution cabinet and oil station with the main engine.





1.  We supply machines with battery technology support.

2.  We supply full set of lithium battery equipment for lab research, pilot scale research and production line.

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1 Standard exported package: Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box packaging.

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3 Responsible for the damage during the shipping process, will change the damage part for you for free.