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tab welding machine and winding machine

Battery Automatic 2 in 1 Ultrasonic Tab Welding Machine and Winding Machine for Battery Production Line

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    CE Certified
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    One years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
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Product Details

Battery Automatic 2 in 1 Ultrasonic Tab Welding Machine and Winding Machine for Battery Production Line

● This equipment is mainly used for the production and winding of square lithium-ion battery into one piece;

● The electrode sheet is automatically wound with the diaphragm after welding the tabs and the protective tape to form a battery cell;

● Automatically calculate the diameter of the coil and provide an alarm for lack of material. The separator eliminates static electricity through the negative ion generator. The electrode sheet has the functions of powder brushing and dust removal and iron filing. The tension of the electrode sheet and the separator achieves taper winding, and the cutter and other vulnerable parts arrive Service life automatic alarm function, three-station winding, automatic needle threading, changing stations, closing, and tape termination;

● Automatically unload and carry out Hi-pot test; automatic rejection of defective products, and automatic output of good products by the conveyor belt.

■Equipment characteristics:

● Variable angular speed (constant speed limit) high-speed winding, which can adapt to different winding needle widths, which is convenient for product switching;

● Servo closed loop low tension precision control system;

● EPC, serpentine correction system;

● Compatible with outsourcing of outer peripheral pole piece or diaphragm outsourcing of battery cell;

● Compatible with the welding function of the positive and negative plates;

● CCD detection winding alignment and closed-loop control of the correction system;

● CCD detecting the center distance and edge distance closed-loop control of the tabs;

● CCD detects the glueing accuracy of the protective tape of the positive and negative pole pieces;

● Automatically detect the distance from Sealant to the edge of the pole piece, closed-loop control;

● Detection of bad pole pieces and single-roll rejection without diaphragm for bad pieces;

● The function of automatically changing the pole piece.

■ Metal shavings control:

● Use banned copper series pneumatic components; avoid using brass, nickel, and zinc materials for various mechanism parts; use non-metallic materials for parts that are in direct contact with pole pieces and batteries.

 battery tab welding machine and winding machine