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Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembling Line in India


Project Details

In March 14th, the Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembling Line designed by Xiamen Tmax Battery Equipments Limited for our Indian customers was successfully completed the production and delivery.

Tmax also have Indian agents who can provide on-site installation service.

We can customize the detail one-stop solutions according to your battery pack information, choose Tmax for better cooperation.

Machine List


Product Name

Single Cell Testing

5V3A&6A 512 Channel Cylindrical Battery Tester

Internal resistance and voltage of battery testing

11 Channel Cylindrical Battery Sorter with computer

Spot Welding

Automatic 8000A Double-Sided Spot-Welding machine

Manual 8000A Spot Welding Machine

BMS Testing

32 series BMS Tester with software

Battery Pack Comprehensive Function Testing

100V 200A Battery Pack Comprehensive Tester