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Spot Welding Machine

Cylindrical Battery Single Side Spot Welding Machine for E-Vehicles/EV Bike/EV Car Battery Pack Assembly

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    CE Certified
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    One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
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    Xiamen Port
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Product Details

Cylindrical Battery Single Side Spot Welding Machine for E-Vehicles/EV Bike/EV Car Battery Pack Assembly


Photovoltaic, power battery, NiMH lithium battery and other batteries are connected with nickel alloy strip, aluminum nickel composite strip, wire and guide strip, household electrical parts and guide strip, hardware accessories, copper and silver products, stainless steel peripheral connection, bulb foot welding, electronic parts, all kinds of high and low conductive metal welding, etc.


1) Induct the load voltage, control the voltage in the feedback mode, and realize high-quality welding.

2) Power on mode of pre heat and main heat: preheat before welding to ensure stable welding quality.

3) Keep the continuity of energy density, short welding time, reduce the deformation and discoloration of base metal. (the welding time is controlled in microseconds, and the mode of continuous output)

4) Easy to change from low current to high current, suitable for precision welding.

5) The upper and lower limits of current can be set to judge whether the welding quality is good or not, which is suitable for the welding automation platform.

6) The welding current will rise with the power on time to ensure the welding effect.

7) Stable control system

8) High configuration regulating device

9) High precision working procedure

10) High cost performance of products


Power Supply

AC 220V/380V±10% 50Hz±2Hz

Electric Current


Welding Mode

Inverter DC

Power Form


Welding Objects

Sheet metal

Butt Welding Thickness

1mm +1mm

Flat Welding Thickness


Output High Power


Energy Storage Capacitor


Output Large Short Circuit Current


Prewelding Voltage

80.0V-330V adjustable, accuracy 0.5V

Welding Time

1.0ms-20.0ms adjustable, accuracy 0.1ms

Outline Size

350Lx180Wx330H (unit: mm)

Y-axis Travel


X-axis Travel


Spot Welding Speed

0.35s/point; 2800pcs / hour

Fast Speed of Motor Drive


Number of Cores Loaded

X direction: 26

Y direction: 26

Number of file groups that can be stored

99 group

Operating System

Embedded system + man machine interface


1. 10 Inch Touch screen, more convenient to operate and clearer to display

2. The welding head has the function of air cooling or water cooling, which can effectively reduce the influence of the temperature of the spot welding needle on the welding quality.

3. It can store 99 groups of files, which is easy to call and does not need complicated line change and machine adjustment process.

4. One key calibration function for the overall deviation of solder joints, which can be used to calibrate the point position deviation caused by the replacement of solder pins or other reasons.

5. The efficiency of spot welding is higher, and the speed of each spot welding is ≤ 0.35s (according to different speeds of the selected welding machine), and the single-sided spot welding machine can reach 2800 electric cores / hour.

6. The core accessories are imported from Japan and Taiwan, and the accuracy, stability and service life of the whole machine are more than 1 times higher than those of other domestic accessories.

7. The automatic alarm and stop function of welding can continue to spot weld after clearing the fault.

8. The machine has the function of power-off or breakpoint continuation, which can manually adjust the position for spot welding.

9. Welding machine can be selected and matched, and different welding machines can be selected according to different requirements of customers to effectively meet customer needs.

10. Three file programming modes, manual input, array, CAD pattern import, simple and fast response to various complex program editing.

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1.  We supply machines with battery technology support.

2.  We supply full set of lithium battery equipment for lab research, pilot scale research and production line.

automatic coating machine

1 Standard exported package: Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box packaging.

2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customers' requirements to find the most suitable way.

3 Responsible for the damage during the shipping process, will change the damage part for you for free.