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Coating Machine

Lab Vacuum Extruded Slot Die Coating Machine Used in Glove Box

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Product Details

Lab Vacuum Extruded Slot Die Coating Machine Used in Glove Box


Product Name: Lab Extruded Flatbed Coating Machine

MSK-AFA-PD100 extruded flatbed coating machine is an equipment applied to the surface coating of sheet substrates, which is coated by slit extrusion. The equipment mainly consists of extrusion die, coating platform, material supply system and control system, mainly applied to laboratory research and development, and can work in glove box. This equipment is mainly used for surface coating of sheet substrates in the fields of lithium battery substrates, OLED, solar photovoltaic films and polymer conductive films.


1. Adopt extrusion type coating process, with high coating precision, good consistency and wide coating window.

2. Syringe pump feeding, closed feeding system, no external interference, less coating demand and waste. Syringe model can be changed according to demand.

3. Coating substrate is vacuum suction board with built-in vacuum pump.

4. The temperature of the coating substrate can be controlled, which can improve the drying efficiency of the coating film and improve the apparent quality of the coating film.

5. The equipment can be used in the glove box.

6. The coating mold and material supply system are easy to disassemble and clean.

7. Touch screen operation, equipment parameters adjustment, storage, control is convenient and quick.

Technical parameters

Product Name

MSK-AFA-PD100 extruded flatbed coating machine

Model Number


Main Parameters

1. Power supply: voltage single-phase 100 ~ 240VAC, frequency 50/60Hz

2. Power300W

3. Coating size: Max.L100*W100mm (standard)

4. Substrate size: L150 * W130mm

5. Mechanical speed: extrusion coating head movement speed 0.5-30mm / s

6. Substrate thicknessMax5mm

7. Substrate temperature: Max: 120 ℃ (heating time of more than half an hour)

8. Injection capacity: standard 10ml, 20ml, 30ml injection barrel (material PP, if the coating is corrosive to PP, please contact the manufacturer to order injection barrel)

9. Material supply speed: 0.05-5mm/s (injection barrel piston speed)

10. Installation size: L440mm*W340mm*H330mm

Product Specification

Weight: About 20Kg