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Planetary Ball Mill

Laboratory Horizontal Planetary Ball Mill for Powder Making

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Product Details

Laboratory Horizontal Planetary Ball Mill for Powder Making 


 Product introduction

 series planetary ball mill has four ball grinding tanks installed on one turntable. When the turntable rotates, the tank axis makes planetary movements and the balls in the tanks grinds and mixes samples in high speed movement. The product can smash and blend various products of different materials and granularity with dry or wet methods. Minimum granularity of grinded products can be as small as 0.1 micron (i.e.) 1.0×10-4mm).

1. Fast grinding with variable speeds up to 900 rpm

2. Minimum granularity can be reached to 0.1 micron meter

3. Convenient to operate,safe and reliable

4. Grinding jars and balls in different materials to suit the property of your material

5. Ultrafine grinding

6. Mixing

7. Small sample preparing

8. New product development

9. Small volume high-tech material production


Technical parameters
Drive Mode: gear drive and belt drive
Operation Mode: two or four grinding tanks working together
Maximum Loading Capacity: 2/3 of the capacity of milling tank
Feeding Granularity: soil material ≤10mm, other materials ≤3mm
Output Granularity: Minimum 0.1um
Rotational speed ratio (revolution: rotation): 1:2 (0.4L,2L,4L);1:1.5(12L,20L)
Rotation Speed: 0.4L:0~600rounds/min; 2L:0~580rounds/min 4L:0~530rounds/min 20L:0-280 rounds/min
Speed Regulation Mode: variable-frequency-control-type and program-control-type stepless speed regulation; manual or automatic timed positive or negative revolving
Max. continuous operating time (full-load): 72 hours


Technical Parameters of Horizontal Planetary Ball Mill  


Parameters of Horizontal Planetary Ball Mill (Light Type)
Model No. Power
Revolution Speed
Total Timing
Alternating Run 
Time of Forward & 
Reversal Rotation
TMAX-0.4 0.75 220V-50Hz 700*510*570 35-335 70-670 1-9999 1-999
TMAX-1 0.75 220V-50Hz 700*510*570 35-335 70-670 1-9999 1-999
TMAX-2 0.75 220V-50Hz 700*510*570 35-335 70-670 1-9999 1-999
TMAX-4 0.75 220V-50Hz 700*510*570 35-335 70-670 1-9999 1-999
TMAX-6 0.75 220V-50Hz 700*510*570 35-335 70-670 1-9999 1-999



Horizontal Planetary Ball Mill







1.  We supply machines with battery technology support.

2.  We supply full set of lithium battery equipment for lab research, pilot scale research and production line.

Planetary Ball Mill

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