The successful completion of the projects in singapore


For the singapore projects is for the Coin Cell  batteries lines.  TMAX deisgned and offered all production equipments and accessories(including:Mixer Machine,Coin Cell disassembling Machine). TMAX prepared and deliveried all equipments on August 2016, and meanwhile all equipments arrived customer's plant, our TMAX teams ,total five person: Mr Aaron ---general director, Mrs Beauty-- business sale,Mr Huang  and Mr Yuan--equipment engineer, Mr Wang--technology engineer fly to indonsia on 9th Dec 2015, and begin the equipments installation and debugging. and trained customers's engineers how to operate the equipments and some simple maintain of equipments. though for these projects, TMAX just offer the production equipments, do not need transfer the production technology, TMAX teams still give our customer some suggestions for their craft, and show them for TMAX 's production process . and the whole process is about one month, before we back to china , all our customer can produces out batteries with our offer. they show us for their satisfied and appreciated for TMAX's services.