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30L Planetary Vacuum Mixing Machine for Cathode and Anode Material Mixing

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Product Details

30L Planetary Vacuum Mixing Machine for Cathode and Anode Material Mixing for Battery Slurry Mixing


1. This TMAX-PVM-30L Planetary vacuum mixer machine is a set of vacuum mixing, dispersion equipment, suitable for lithium electricity experiment process is anode paste mixing process, solder paste, silica gel, chemical industry, etc 

2. This lab planetary mixer Mixing motor adopts transmission frequency adjustment, can choose different rotational speed according to different process, different viscosity.

3. The vacuum planetary mixer is excellent for preparing LiCoO3, LiFePO4, Phosphors and ceramic slurry without gas bubble.


1. Adopt the industry leading soft sealing process, which can maintain the state of - 0.098mpa for more than 24 hours;

2. Adopt double precision guide pillar support, cylinder to push can body open and close, humanized design, precise and efficient;

3. The barrel body is made of 304 stainless steel with high quality. After finishing by large horizontal lathe, it is polished by precision automatic polishing machine to ensure high precision;

4. Double dispersing paddle design, make the material up and down and all around billow, make the slurry mix quickly and evenly;

5. The mixing motor adopts gearbox frequency conversion adjustment, and can select different speed and torque according to different process and viscosity;  

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Rated power


Agitation speed

Dispersion speed: 0-1400RPM,

Mixing speed: 0-70RPM

Speed regulation by frequency converter

Effective volume


Barrel opening and closing mode

The gearbox drives the barrel up

Inner dimension of barrel


Whole machine size

1.6×1.1×7.5(m, H×L×W)

Timing function

It has timing function, and can set time 0-99 (H) at will. It can stop running automatically and keep vacuum state

Weight of whole machine

About 450kg

Discharge port

The discharge port is at the bottom of the barrel

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