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LifePO4  Battery Pack Assembly Line

Battery Pack Assembly Line for LiFePo4 Lithium Cylindrical

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    Semi-auto line
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    CE Certified
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    One years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
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    Xiamen Port
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    L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
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    5 days
Product Details

LiFePo4 Lithium Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembly Line

Ⅰ、Pack Process

The lithium battery pack consists of cylindrical cells, battery protection board, connecting nickel sheet, leading out nickel sheet, green paper accessories, insulating paper, wire or plug wire, PVC outer package or shell, output (including connector), key switch, power indicator, EVA, highland barley paper, plastic support and other auxiliary materials


Ⅱ、Process Characteristics 

1.Adopt qualified lithium battery

2. Low internal resistance and good consistency

3. The structure of the battery adopts ventilation design, and the space between the two adjacent batteries is not less than 2mm. This structure requires the use of plastic bracket to fix the battery.

4. Pack battery factory uses slotted nickel strips in spot welding, the size of nickel strip meets the requirements of high current discharge, the nickel strip material ensures low internal resistance, the spot welding machine ensures stable operation, and the welding needle ensures quality.

5. Different batches of batteries are made into typical finished products and life tests are carried out. When the experience of lithium battery pack design specification is summarized, the battery finished products are tested to get the actual cycle life.

Ⅲ、Battery Cell,Module or Pack



Ⅳ、Important process

First of all, the cells should be separated and paired before assembly, in order to ensure that there are no defective products.

The lithium battery sorter can be set to multiple gears through the upper and lower limits of internal resistance. The resistance is adjustable, and the adjustment mode is diversified and fast. It is equipped with imported voltage internal resistance tester, integrated PC, high-end drive, all electric motor configuration; Process detection signal comprehensive and bid farewell to a single industrial machine.

 Cylindrical Battery Sorter


For lithium battery spot welder, the thickness and material of welding workpiece have great influence on welding parameters. The welding electrode head of different materials and structures should be selected according to the thickness, sheet and material of the battery.

If the distance between the welding electrode tips is too large, the welding power will increase, and the required energy will increase accordingly. Generally, the distance between the two electrode tips is adjusted to 3mm, and the clamp of lithium battery needs to be paved with nickel sheet.

 Spot Welding Machine


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