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Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembling Line for Egyptian EV Battery Factory


Project Details:

 Xiamen Tmax Battery Equipments Limited signs a contract with a Egyptian battery factory, this a production line for lithium battery 18650 battery packs manufacturing, the project has been started up successfully, everything goes well! Choose TMAX, you will win a better future!



Single Cell Capacity Testing

512 Channel 5V 6A Battery Tester

Cell Pasting

Cylindrical Cell Labeling Machine

Cell Sorting

Automatic Battery Sorter

(13 Channel)


Spot Welding

Pneumatic Single Side Automatic Spot Welding Machine

Semi Finished Product Testing

100V 120A battery pack Comprehensive Tester

Aging of Finished Products

70V 5A 10A Aging Machine

lithium ion battery pack assembly line