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Pressure Forming Machine

Hot Press Pressure Pouch Cell Formation Machine

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Product Details

Hot Press Pressure Pouch Cell Formation Machine

This equipment is mainly used for the formation of polymer batteries under pressure. The whole machine consists of an insulation box and 2 sets of fixtures, of which the device has 128 channels, and the fixture and the equipment are integrated.

1.The main functions of the fixture are as follows

1.1 Provide the pressure required to compact the battery, which can be set within the allowable range of pressure safety. If the pressure setting exceeds the pressure setting range, an alarm will be given;

1.2 Tighten the electrode to ensure a reliable connection between the electrode and the whole circuit.

2.The main functions of formation are as follows:

2.1 heating and temperature control functions;

2.2 channel reliable docking function;

2.3 charging function;

2.4 discharge function;

2.5 data link and communication functions;

2.6 Safety and protection functions.


Configure power supply

AC380±10%power: 15kW

Gas input

The input minimum air pressure shall not be less than 0.1MPa, and the maximum air pressure shall not be more than 1.0MPa.

There are two clamps in the whole machine. A single clamp is pressurized by a cylinder with a diameter of 250mm. When the air input reaches 0.6MPa, the maximum pressure of a single cylinder is 2000kg.


Each fixture is divided into 17 layers of heating plates, and there are heat insulation measures between the heating plate and the fixture. Each layer of heating board is equipped with a temperature probe, PLC can patrol the temperature probe of each layer of heating board, and display the temperature detection value on the touch screen.

control model

The equipment implements PLC control: it can set the heating target temperature, and the equipment can control the heating plate according to the target temperature, and timely protect and alarm in case of overheating of the heating plate.

PLC can realize 5-stage pressure control on the fixture, and the pressure control accuracy can reach ± 30kg.

working temperature

Room temperature ~ 90 , temperature control accuracy of each heating plate ± 3 .

measuring method

Four wire method is used to measure the current and voltage of the electric core. The circuit connection between the fixture and the equipment is realized by special PCB. The electrode plate is installed on the equipment. The fast and reliable connection between the equipment and the fixture circuit is realized by pressing the battery with the upper and lower pressing plates.

Setting range of charge and discharge voltage

Charging voltage setting range: 0mV 5000mV (resolution 1mV);

Discharge voltage setting range: 2000mV ~ 5000mV (resolution 1mV).

Charge and discharge current setting range: 0mA ~ 5000mA (resolution 1mA).

Measurement control accuracy

Voltage measurement control accuracy: ± (0.1% FS + 0.1% RD);

Current measurement control accuracy: ± (0.1% FS + 0.1% RD);

Time measurement control accuracy: ± (0.1% FS + 0.1% RD).

End condition of charge and discharge

Constant current charging (CC): The end conditions are voltage, time and capacity;

Constant current and constant voltage charging (CC-CV): The end conditions are current, time and capacity;

Discharge method: The end condition of constant current discharge (DC) is voltage, time or capacity.

Main functions of software

1. Control the end conditions of the process according to time, voltage, current and other parameters;

2. Calculate the charging capacity parameters of the battery;

3. Charge and discharge process editing and management functions:

3.1 up to 32 working step parameters can be set;

3.2 up to 256 cycles can be set;

3.3 each working step can be selected from constant current charging, constant current and voltage charging, shelving, constant current discharge, cycle and other attributes;

3.4 the edited process file can be archived for standby.

4. The charging current can be set by (0-5000) MA, the charging voltage can be set by (0-5000) MV, the discharge voltage can be set by (2000-5000) MV, and the time of each step can be set by 1min-1000min.

5. Software security control:

5.1 set that the operation data and curve of each point can be saved automatically after the completion of working steps, and the software has the function of over capacity alarm;

5.2 overcharge protection: when the voltage exceeds the set value of overcharge protection, stop the process of the channel, and the set value can be set;

5.3 capacity out of tolerance protection: when the capacity of the electric core exceeds a certain range, stop the flow of the channel;

6. The battery can be sorted and equipped with indicator light. The sorting mode can be set as capacity, time, open circuit voltage, average voltage, fixed-point voltage, etc.

7. The charge and discharge data of each battery can form a data list form for users to view or print out.

The device supports barcode recognition function, and can realize one-to-one correspondence between battery and channel and record production data.

System protection function

1. Over current, under current, over voltage, under voltage and over capacity protection: the upper and lower limit values of battery voltage, current and capacity can be preset in the process. When the limit conditions are reached, the system will automatically force the battery to sleep and prompt the fault in the software interface.

2. Leakage current protection: it is found that there is more than 200mA leakage current for three times in the working state, and the input power of the switching power supply is turned off.

3. Charging overvoltage protection: when the system inspects the battery during charging, when the battery voltage is higher than the upper limit voltage, the battery stops charging.

4. Discharge undervoltage protection: when the system inspects the battery during battery discharge, when the battery voltage is lower than the lower limit voltage, the battery stops discharging.

5. Equipment power-off protection: in case of abnormal power failure of equipment, the current process step can be continued;

6. It has deposit function for abnormal channel;

Equipment weight

The weight of the fixture is less than 350kg, the weight of the whole machine is less than 1200kg, and the ratio of the total weight to the bearing area is 500kg / m2.

Overall dimension of equipment

L×W×H1900mm×1000mm×2140mmAllowable dimensional tolerance±20mm

forming machine

pouch cell making machine



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