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Nanometer Powder Mixer

Laboratory Three-dimensional Nanometer Powder Mixing Mixer Machine

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Product Details

Laboratory Three-dimensional Nanometer Powder Mixing Mixer Machine

Technical parameters:


Laboratory three-dimensional mixer

Equipment model


Container capacity

2L standard tank * 1 cup

The optimal capacity of mixing material


2L below the diameter of less than 130MM less than 180MM within the capacity of the tank and test tube tooling.

Operation type

Human-machine interaction mode

Revolution speed



Door cover, Break down, Overload

Dimensiom (mm)





Net weight:56KG

Power supply

(Uniphase),AC 220V.50-60Hz




Product Presentation:

 Laboratory 3D powder mixing machine: mainly used for mixing of different density and different particle size of powder material to high uniformity. At the same time, it can also be used to realize the mixing of solid and liquid, liquid and liquid.


Working principle:

 Laboratory powder mixing machine at the same time, using a combination of rotation and translation, three movement. When working, the three-dimensional movement of the mixing cylinder makes the mixed matter in the fluctuating state of rhythm change, so as to achieve the combination of high mixing effect and short mixing time. laboratory powder mixing machine adopts fully closed, can realize clean production, cleaning is also very simple and convenient.  laboratory powder mixing machine can be installed below 2L diameter less than 130MM length less than 180MM in different capacity tank and tube tooling.


Main features:

Less machine maintenance, real dust free production, cleaning convenient, small shear force, production sites need not be isolated.


Areas of application:

Laboratory powder mixing machine suitable for all the short mixing time, mixing effect of high uniformity of applications such as industrial production, scientific research and development laboratory. Diamond tools, electronic Technology, sintered powder metal, ceramic industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food industry.  laboratory mixed basket powder machine can be loaded into different sizes and shapes The container, small to test tube, to 2 liters of mixed cans. The container is quickly fixed with a special fixture. The material

basket can be loaded into a 2 - liter standard cylinder. With the aid of the fixture, a smaller mixing tank can be used.Material blue can be set 0-100RPM without pole speed setting, easy to use.

Nanometer Powder Mixing Mixer Machine

Product Description:

bubble machine is a basic material mixing equipment, mainly used in paste, Pointed hybrid nanopowder, ceramic powder, high viscosity coatings such as, refined products in the field of material mixing fields.


Bulk mixing bubble machine Advantages:

1:According to the characteristics of the silver paste and special structure of nano powder material stirring defoaming and design and mixing procedures, so that the tiny particles of silver paste stirred very uniform, Silver paste internal sub micron bubbles while removing. On the back of the silver paste screen printing provides a product good rate very high puree.


2 Direct use of Heraeus (Taiwan and the mainland part of the whole package), Shanghai Bao silver electric Son Materials Co., Ltd. Zhejiang-Electronic, Hunan lide Electronics Limited pulp slurry tank, or special mixing cup.


3 Comparison paddle mixer stir no dead ends, does not appear scraped plastic stirring paddle Powder slurry tank pollution situation without cleaning paddle, tiny particles of silver to be stirred Stir than the blade type.


4:HCI mode, easy to apply, and extremely simple operation.

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Nanometer Powder Mixing Mixer Machine

Nanometer Powder Mixing Mixer Machine




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laboratory muffle furnace

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