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Sodium-ion battery Production Line

Sodium-ion Na-ion Battery Production Line Turn Key Solution

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Sodium-ion Na-ion Battery Production Line Turn Key Solution

Introduction of Sodium-ion Battery:

Sodium-ion batteries are a new type of high energy density battery, featuring high efficiency, long lifespan, and environmental friendliness, and are widely applied in fields such as electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The production process and equipment configuration of sodium-ion batteries are crucial factors in ensuring their quality and performance.

The production process of sodium-ion batteries includes material preparation, electrode fabrication, and battery assembly. Material preparation, the foundation of sodium-ion battery production, involves cathode materials, anode materials, and electrolytes. Cathode materials typically use sodium nickel cobalt manganese oxide, anode materials use graphite or silicon-based materials, and electrolytes use organic solvents and sodium salts. Electrode fabrication involves coating aluminum foil or copper foil with cathode and anode materials to form electrode sheets. Battery assembly involves assembling the electrode sheets, separator, and electrolyte in a certain order to create the battery.

The equipment configuration for sodium-ion batteries includes material preparation equipment, electrode fabrication equipment, and battery assembly equipment. Material preparation equipment includes high-temperature sintering furnaces, ball mills, mixers, etc. Electrode fabrication equipment includes coating machines, ovens, compactors, etc. Battery assembly equipment includes liquid injection machines, sealing machines, forming machines, etc. The selection and configuration of these pieces of equipment directly affect the production efficiency and product quality of sodium-ion batteries.

Ⅱ、Sodium-ion Battery in cylindrical format

Sodium-ion Battery production line

Sodium-ion Battery in prismatic cell format

Sodium-ion Battery production line

Sodium-ion Battery in pouch cell format: 

Sodium-ion Battery production line



 Sodium-ion Battery production line