• Tube Furnace Price Laboratory 1200C Max Sliding Tube Furnace Price (Optional Tube Dia) with Flanges for Fast Heating / Cooling

    1200°C Max Sliding Tube Furnace (Optional Tube Dia) with Flanges for Fast Heating / Cooling TMAX-DSP-1200-KS is a CE certified slideable tube furnace with Quartz tube and flanges and a maximum working temperature up to 1200°C. One pair of sliding rail is installed on the bottom of the furnace to allow sliding the furnace from one side to another to achieve max. heating and cooling rates up to 100°C/min. For fastest heating, the furnace may be pre-heated to a desired temperature and then be slide to the sample's position. As for fastest cooling, the furnace can be slide to another side after sample heating is completed. Moreover, the heating and cooling rates may reach 15°C/s under vacuum or inert gasses. This furnace provides an alternative for rapid thermal processing at the lowest cost.

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