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Battery Sorter

5-22 Channel Battery Sorter for 18650 26650 32650 21700 Cylindrical Cell for Battery Pack Assembly

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Product Details

5-22 Channel Battery Sorter for 18650 26650 32650 21700 Cylindrical Cell for Battery Pack Assembly



The 5/6/9/10/11/13/20/22 channel battery sorter of cylindrical battery automatic sorter is used for automatic sorting of voltage and internal resistance of 18650/21700/26650/32650 cylindrical cells. It can also separate voltage or internal resistance separately. This test and sorting is composed of PLC control + PC industrial computer, PLC control AC servo motor, stepping motor and cylinder to complete sorting function, PC is responsible for data acquisition and processing, as well as data preservation. The number of finished cylindrical cores sorted is about 4500 per hour. The mechanical structure design is simple and generous, the system test performance is stable, the quality is first-class, is currently a high cost-effective cylindrical battery sorting equipment in the market. We provide a full ranges of  Battery Pack Line.


1. Stable control system

2. High configuration regulator

3. High Precision Work Procedure

4. High cost performance ratio of products

Technological Process

The battery resistance and voltage are set by the battery testing software of the upper computer, and the following functions are automatically completed by PLC:

Manual filling of batteries→wave wheel rotating feeding→belt carrying batteries→ejector cylinder jacking batteries→ test cylinder closure (test instrument uploading data, software sorting)→mechanical gripper sorting batteries. 

The equipment is equipped with acoustooptic alarm, which can be sorted to complete automatic shutdown. Full material alarm, fault alarm, etc. Operating parameters can be set according to the actual requirements of customers.

Structure of Sorter

1) The equipment has compact and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and small space occupation.

2) The equipment is simple to operate, and no professional training is required. The workers can easily master it.

3) The equipment is controlled by PLC + PC. PLC is responsible for battery feeding, transporting and collecting. PC is responsible for data acquisition of battery test instruments, voltage resistance classification, easy operation, high efficiency, labor saving and good product performance.

4) The equipment is made of high-quality thick cold-rolled sheet metal and aluminium profile frame.

5) The equipment is equipped with universal movable casters, which can move easily when shifting.


5 Channel Battery Sorter

Voltage Supply




Display Screen

Large size LCD screen/Touch screen

Battery Types

Cylindrical Cell

(18650,32650,18500,26650,14500,21700 etc.)

Receiving Channel

5 channels

Test Parameter

AC internal resistance, DC voltage

Internal Resistance Test

Test range: 0-80mΩ

Accuracy: +/- 0.5% rdg

Display resolution: 0.01 milliohm

Voltage Test

Test range0-8V

Accuracy:±0.1% rdg

Resolution: 0.01mV

Sorting Speed










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 Cylindrical Battery Sorter

6 Channel Battery Sorter

Battery sorting Machine

9 Channel Battery Sorter

Battery Sorter

10 Channel Battery Sorter

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22 Channel Battery Sorter

Battery grading machine

Equipment Configuration List


HIOKI3561 or HK3561


Industrial Computer


FX3U-80MT/ES-A and SC-09


Panasonic A5 Series


Panasonic and Omron, Japan


ShangYin, Taiwan


Japan NSK



Indoor temperature

- 30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃


No pollution and no strong electromagnetic interference


Cylindrical Battery Sorter
Cylindrical Battery Sorter



             Cylindrical Battery Sorter         Cylindrical Battery Sorter

     Cylindrical Battery Sorter

   Cylindrical Battery Sorter

         Cylindrical Battery Sorter

                    Cylindrical Battery Sorter





1.  We supply machines with battery technology support.

2.  We supply full set of lithium battery equipment for lab research, pilot scale research and production line.

Spot Welding Machine

1 Standard exported package: Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box packaging.

2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customers' requirements to find the most suitable way.

3 Responsible for the damage during the shipping process, will change the damage part for you for free.