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Battery Material

Cylindrical Cell Prepariation Lithium Battery Material for 18650 26650 32650 21700 Cell Making

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Product Details

Cylindrical Cell Prepariation Lithium Battery Material for 18650 26650 32650 21700 Cell Making


The main materials of lithium-ion battery include electrolyte, separator, anode and cathode materials, etc. The anode materials account for a large proportion (the mass ratio of anode and cathode materials is 3:1 ~ 4:1). Because the performance of anode materials directly affects the performance of lithium-ion batteries, the selection of high-quality battery materials plays a key role in batteries.



Product Name

Main Features

Cathode Material for Li-ion Battery

LiCoO2 Powder


1. FormulaLiCoO2

2. Appearance: Black Powder

3. Molecular Weight97.88

4. First Discharge Capacity (mA/g) : 145 @1C

5. Reasonable A-G Range: 6. 6. Anode has 5% ~10% more capacity than the cathode.

6. Voltage Range vs Li: 3V ~ 4.2V

PVDF Binder


1. Purity:≥99.5%

2. standard specific gravity:1.74~1.77

3. Dielectric constant :4.50~5.50; 8.00~9.50

4. Melting Point:160-168

5. Melting Indix:1-2

6. Solubility:Transparent and dissolvable

7. Rotation Viscosity:2000

8. Intrinsic Viscosity :1.0-2.0

9. Moisture: 0.1

NMP Solvent


1. The molecular 

2. Purity:99.90%

3. Melting point: -24℃

4. Boiling point: 202℃

5. Density:1.028 g/ml

6. Refractive index:1.465-1.470

7. Flash point:95℃

Super Conductive Carbon Black Powder


1. BET Nitrogen surface area:62M2/g

2. Adsorption Stiffness Value (2):32Ml/5g

3. Moisture (as packed):0.1%

4. Density160Kg/m3

5. Sulpher Content0.02%

6. Iron(3)10ppm

7. Nickel:1ppm

Aluminium Foil

1. Thickness:9-19um

2. Standard width:200mm

3. Length:120m/roll

(size can be customized according to request


Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil


1.Aluminum foil thickness:12-30um

2.Conductive coating single surface density(g// side):0.5-2.0 g/

3.Double coating

4.Each side coating thickness is 1um

Anode Material

Graphite Powder

1. Single Layer Graphene Oxide

2. Multilayer graphene oxide

Single layer reduced graphene oxide

3. Reduced graphene oxide in a few layers (1-5 layers)

4. Multilayer reduced graphene oxide (6-10 layers)

5. Natural graphite

6. Conductive graphite

High Purity Carboxymethyl Cellulose Powder CMC


1. Viscosity, mpa.s (2% aqueous solution):7000~10000

2. Purity:≥99.5%

3. Water content:≤10%

4. substituting degree:0.6~0.9

5. PH:6.0~8.5

6. heavy metal(pb), ppm:≤15

7. Fe, ppm:≤40

8. As, ppm:≤2

Copper Foil


2.Standard width:200mm

(Size can be customized according to request)

Conductive Coating Copper Foil



2.Length: 35m-40m

3.Cooper Foil width: 150mm

4.Double coating

5.Each side coating thickness is 1um

SBR Styrene Butadiene Rubber


1.Total solide


2. PH:5~7

3. Broofield viscosity (mPa.s):50~250


Cylindrical Battery Cases With Anti-Explosive Cap And Insulation O-Ring


1. Case are made of 304 stainless steel

2. Cap are made of Nickel plated steel

3. Seal O-ring are made of nylon(Optional)

4. Insulating gasket are made of PP






Celgard Optional

                   cylindrical cell assembly materials



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