• electrode cutting machine Precision Die Cutter for Pouch Cell electrode Sheet

     Precision Die Cutter for Pouch Cell electrode Sheet TMAX-MQ280 is a CE Certified Precision electrode die cutter with optional size range). It is a necessary tool in the production line of pouch cell to produce specific shapes of cathodes and anodes with current collector tabs. The size of the electrodes it cuts perfectly matches the standard pouches made by the TMAX-SCK200  cup forming machine, and the shape of the electrodes it produces is also handy for the latter processing steps. The IR sensor (Safety Curtain) built in the front of the machine ensures operation safety when electrode sheets are fed from the front.

  • Electrode Slitting Machine Electrode Slitting/Cutting Machine

    Electrode Slitting/Cutting Machine For Sale The slitting machine TMAX-MSK-300 is a CE Certified semi-automatic slitting machine (roll slitting) for preparing electrode of cylinder batteries in R&D laboratories.

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