• Laboratory Glove Box Laboratory Dry Glove Box with Humidity Purification System for Li-Ion Battery Research

    Dry Glove Box with Humidity Purification System for Li-Ion Battery Research TMAX-SDX1200 is dry glove box with automatic moisture purification system, which can provide a dry gas environment with moisture lower than 1 ppm.  It is  a cost effective solution  for Li-Ion battery research at low cost because most Li-ion battery's electrolyte is sensitive to moisture, but not oxygen.

  • inert gas glove box Bench-top transparent inert gas glove box

    DESCRIPTION: VGB-2Y Bench-top transparent glove box offers inert gas environmental workspace with vacuum air locker and side door. Two vacuum gauges indicate the pressure inside the main chamber and air-lock chamber respectively. Three manual valves are installed for immediate use, while two solenoid valves are installed on the main chamber to implement the pressure auto-control. The Glove box is made of transparent acrylic providing a clear view from any angle.  Acrylic construction offers resistance to a wide range of chemicals,  high-impact strength, and scratch-resistance. It is widely used for preparing nano-materials.

  • Laboratory Glove Box Laboratory Glove Box with HEPA Air Filter

    Lab Glove Box with HEPA Air Filter 1 TMAX-GB-100 HEPA Filter Glove Box is used to operate the pollutants by providing a physical good sealing environment barrier, protecting laboratory environment. 2 TMAX-GB-100 Precise HEPA filter type glove box adopt the air inlet and vent HEPA filters, to protect the operator from the contamination of the harmful air in the cabinet.This kind of glove box is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, nanotechnology and biochemistry.Microbes, low levels of radioactive material, chemical carcinogenic agents, etc. Can also be used in such glove box.

  • Battery vacuum glove box Battery small vacuum glove box for lab research

    Battery vacuum glove box 1.Applicable to lithium ion battery lab research 2.The box adopt stainless steel material, corrosion resistant and easy to clean. 3.Simple structure with opening windows 4.With vacuum ball valve and piezometer 

  • Glass Glove Box Organic Glass Glove Box for Lab

    Main features:   1. Material of the transparent p. m. m. the be clear at a glance in the cabinet, simple structure and convenient use; 2. Can change through ultraviolet light, chemical resistant and climate; 3. Under normal conditions, the stable form, highly transparent, chemically resistant and gas changes; 4. The tank is equipped with a multi-socket, easy to carry out scientific experiments; 5. Good airtight performance, and shielding and absorption of radioactive substances; emanating from α-ray and low-energy β-rays, in order to protect human tissue Phi ionizing radiation damage.     Main application: In scientific research units with low energy radioactive material experimental work, Inoculation of aseptic and chemical qualitative and quantitative analysis relevant airtight quarantine action, may work in the operating chamber, electronic materials, magnetic materials, equipment, batteries, process biological cultivation, food packaging, battery materials, the need to protect the atmosphere for processing. Model features A: As radiation protection, dust-proof isolation operation or special operations, no transition box B: As a hydrophobic anaerobic glove box use, the transition chamber may be evacuated, the operating chamber of inert gas displacement C: Operation box and transition box to perform vacuuming operation, the degree of vacuum can reach ultimate vacuum -0.1MPA

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