• Electrode Slitting Machine Automatic Roll-to-Sheet Cutting Machine for Battery Electrode

    Automatic Roll-to-Sheet Cutting Machine for Battery Electrode TMAX Limited manufactures the TMAX-ZHQ300, a new automatic Roll-to-Sheet Cutting Machine which can quickly and accurately transform a roll of battery electrode into the sheets with desired length.   Outstanding Features: 1. PLC Control is fully programmable and adaptable to the needs of each job. 2. Automatic operation eleminates the risks of accident in cutting operation. 3. Unreeling auto-tension control. 4. Stainless steel made transfer & tension rods help minimize the chloridion which may cause negtive effects to the electrode quality. 5. Continuous cutting with two selectable cutting modes: "Cut-to-length" and "Color Mark Detection Cutting". 6. Compensation adjustment at the cutting edge. 7. Set dsired number of cuts.

  • Roll Slitting Machine Automatic Roll Slitting and Cutting Machine for Al-plastic Film

    This machine is suitable for the slitting and cutting of flexible packaging lithium and aluminum-plastic film. The whole volume (width 500mm) through the blade after the longitudinal cutting, the two rollers are driven by a stepping motor , and send the aluminum-plastic film to the knife-edge for cutting according to the set length, then get the packaging film which conforms to the packaging process.  The machine uses imported PLC and touch screen as master control element, control performance is stable, easy to operate and intuitive. Driven by the high-power stepper motor and equipped with speed control motor to keep the tape tension constant and ensure the accuracy of the cutting. 

  • Roll Slitting Machine Battery Electrode Roll Slitting Machine For R&D Laboratories

    1 TMAX-MQ300A semi-automatic electrode die cutter is mainly used for pouch cell electrode sheet cut for stacking pouch cell battery. It is a necessary tool in the production line of pouch cell to produce specific shapes of cathodes and anodes with current collector tabs.   2 This Semi Automatic Die Cutter machine adopts Safety Curtain built in the front of the machine and double start button ensures operation safety when electrode sheets are fed from the front.   3 High speed, high accuracy, long lifetime to make cutted electrode without burr, to get a good consistency.   4 This model has max die dimension with 200*300mm, if need other models, please choose the TMAX-JD-500model with max die size up to 500*500mm.

  • slitting machine Lithium battery copper foil slitting machine with adjustable slitter knife

    Copper foil slitting machine  1 Used for li ion battery small electrode slitting  2 With adjustable knife function 

  • Roll Slitting Machine High Speed Aluminum Laminated Foil Roll Slitting Machine

    High speed slitting machine  1 For battery anode/cathode electrode continuous slitting  2 Customized cutter knife  3 High speed 

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