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Cylindrical Cell Assembly

Cylindrical Cell Lab Assembly Equipment for 14500/18650/21700/26650/32650 Preparation

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    Lab Equipment
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    CE Certified
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    One years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
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    Xiamen Port
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    L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
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Product Details

Cylindrical Cell Lab Equipment for All kinds of Cylindrical Batteries Making 


Related Machine for Cylindrical Cell Making  



Power Processing

1.Tube Furnace

2.Muffle Furnace

Power Grinding

Planetary Ball Mill

Vacuum Mixing

1.Compact Dual-Shaft Planetary Vacuum Mixer Machine

2.Slurry Vacuum Mixer

Electrode Coating

Lab Compact Heat Film Vacuum Coating Machine with  Doctor Blade

Roll Press

Heat Rolling Press Machine

Sheet Cutting

Automatic Slitting Machine

Vacuum Drying

1.Vacuum Drying Oven

2. Air Convection Drying Oven

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine

Electrode Winding

Battery Electrode Winding Machine

Spot Welding

1.Precise Micro Spot Welding Machine

2. AC Spot Welding Machine

3. DC Spot Welding Machine


Grooving Machine

Glove Box

Vacuum Glove Box With H2O & O2 Purification System

Electrolyte Injection

Electrolyte Filling Machine

Electrode Diffusion

Electrolyte Diffusion&Degassing Machine

Hydraulic Sealing

Cylindrical Cases Sealing Machine

Battery Analyzer

5V 3A6A 8Channel Battery Testing Machine






Product Name


Web Address


Power Processing


Muffle Furnace

Temerature Range:1200C-1600C

Tube Furnace

Temerature Range:1200C-1800C

1. Single Zone

2. Double-Zone

3. Three-Zone

4. Vertical

Power Grinding

Ball Mill

Planetary Ball Mill

Vertical Planetary Ball Mill

Horizontal Planetary Ball

Air Cooling Planetary Ball Mill

Vacuum Mixing


Small Lab Mixer

Small Slurry Vacuum Mixer With Two Containers (150 & 500ml)

Compact Dual-Shaft Planetary Vacuum Mixer Machine With A 500 ML Container

Electrode Coating

Electrode Coating Machine

Electric Heat Film Coating Machine with Dryer

Optional Coating Size Heat Film Coating Machine

Roll press

Electrode Rolling Press Machine

Heat Roll Press Machine For Lithium Battery Production

Roller Size:
100mm Dia. x 100mm W
100mm Dia. x 200mm W
100mm Dia. x 300mm W
100mm Dia. x 400mm W
(Rolling size can be customized)

Sheet Cutting

Slitting Machine

Battery Electrode Roll Slitting Machine

Slitting width: 20-500mm
Slitting thickness: 100-300um

Vacuum Drying

Dying Machine

100-400°C Convection Drying Oven With Digital Temperature Controller

Temperature range:100-400℃

25L Digital Vacuum Ovens (12x12x11" ) With High Temperature Controller & Inner Chamber

Temperature range:RT+10~250 C

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Spot Welder

Al Tab Ni Tag Ultrasonic Welding Machine

2000W, 40kHz, max.40 Layers
3000W,  40kHz, max.60 Layers

Electrode Winding

Winding Machine

Semi-Auto Winding Machine

Suitable battery size:Less than Φ35*L90mm, or according to your requirement

Spot Welding

Spot Welding Machine

Precise Micro Spot Welder

Welding Thickness: 0.03 - 0.25mm
Welding Current: 2500A

5000A/8000A Pneumatic Inverter DC Spot Welding Machine

Maximum Output Short Circuit Current:5000A or 8000A
Welding Thickness: Maximum thickness of parallel welding:0.03mm~0.5mm

AC Plus Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine

Welding Thickness:  
Output Maximum Short Circuit Current: 3000A


Groving Machine

Laboratory 18650,26650,Etc Cylindrical Cell Grooving Machine

Grooving depth: 1.2~2.0mm
Grooving height: 1.1~1.5mm
Productivity: 400 grooving /hr

Glove Box

Vacuum Glove Box

Single-Side1200×750mm) Vacuum Glove Box With H2O & O2 Purification System

Environment of Box inside: H2O <1 ppm (20°C/68 ℉, 1 atm)
O2 <1 ppm (20°C/68 ℉, 1 atm)
Structure: Integrated structure (Purification System integrated under the box)

Electrolyte Injection

Electrolyte Filling Machine

Laboratory Small Electrolyte Filling Machine For Li-Ion Battery

Injecting range: 0-50ml

Cylinder Cell Electrolyte Filling Pump System With Electronic Control Box

Speed: 1-800 rpm
Filling range: 0-2.4ml adjustable

Electrode Diffusion

Electrode Diffusion Machine

Electrolyte Diffusion & Degassing Chamber

Product Dimensions:
1.  Vacuum Box: 500mm(L) x 350mm(W) x 630mm(H)
2. Control Unit: 460mm(L) x 220mm(W) x 340mm(H)

Hydraulic Sealing

Hydraulic Sealing Machine

Hydraulic Sealing Machine For Cylindrical Case

Crimping Dies: Six standard die selectable: CR123 /18650 / 26650 / 32650 / 50100 / AA /AAA

Battery Analysis

Battery Tester

5V6A 8 Channel Lithium Ion Battery Tester Equipment For Experiment

Current: Range: 12mA – 6000mA
Voltage: Range: 10mV-5Vfor charging, 2.5V-5Vfor discharging 



          Cylindrical Cell Assembly